11 wonderful places to visit in Anatolia!
Places you should not miss!

There are many places you can discover in Anatolia, all with a different kind of beauty or attraction of their own. Bu we wanted to give you a list of some of the places we like most.

1. Didim, Aydın

Didim, situated at the Aegean Coast in the province of Aydın, attracts visitors with long beaches with fine sand, very clean water, antique ruins and sunny weather all through the year. Didim is preferred by domestic tourists visiting their summer homes, but many hotels, also five-star luxury resorts, have been opened lately. You can enjoy the famous “Altınkum” beach, have a good time in one of the many colourful bars in the evening or visit the Oracle of Apollon with its gigantic temple-like structure. Didim can be reached easily via Bodrum-Milas Airport

2. Eskişehir

Right until the 1980s, Eskişehir was just a nondescript normal town right in the middle of the Anatolian steppe – but with its newly renovated old quarter “Odunpazarı” harbouring wonderful Ottoman houses, a newly designed and very modern downtown, adorned by many statues and boasting ten thousands of students who like to party in a plethora of bars and restaurants, Eskişehir is one of the most interesting and also entertaining places to visit in Anatolia. You´ll be amazed! Eskişehir is best reached by fast train from Istanbul or Ankara.

3. Amasra & Bartın

Picturesque small towns combining the charms of long forgotten times with a splendid location right at the coast of the Black Sea: Amasra does not only offer beaches you would not expect to find at Turkey´s Black Sea Coast but also the traces of a history extending back for about 3,000 years, hills covered with lush woods and forests in its hinterland, historic Amasra houses with their special architecture and also many restaurants offering all kinds of fresh fish and seafood. And you can also visit Bartın, another beautiful town at the Black Sea Coast.

4. Winter Sports Centre Erciyes, Kayseri

The number of winter sports centres in Turkey is increasing. One of the most promising ones is the new Erciyes Kayak Merkezi in the neighbourhood of Kayseri, situated on the mountain once called “Argaeus” in Roman times. If you want to experience a very different ski holiday next winter you can easily visit this place by way of Nevşehir Airport.

5. Sığacık, İzmir

Sığacık is the first town in Anatolia which earned the right to call itself “cittaslow”. Sığacık does not only offer wonderful examples of medieval buildings and walls, but also interesting local food specialities along with a wonderful market selling local organic vegetables. The “Teos Beach” offers a fine sandy beach and wonderful clear water. Close to the picturesque small marina you can choose between many fish restaurants.

6. Gaziantep

Situated in the Southeast of Anatolia, Gaziantep is famous throughout Turkey for its wonderful local food specialities and the overall very high quality of its restaurants. Gaziantep is also home of the best variety of pistachios produced in Turkey. People interested in antique art should visit the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, and there are many interesting historic buildings found in Antep, as the city is called lovingly, as well. Whatever you do, don´t miss to try the restaurants Halil Usta, İmam Çağdaş, Koçak and last but not least Güllüoğlu for the Turkish sweet called “baklava”.

7. Gökçeada, Çanakkale

Gökçeada is the biggest island Turkey can boast of, and there are still local Greek people (Rum) living on this island in villages like Zeytinli, Kaleköy and Tepeköy. Gökçeada offers a total of 100 kilometres of beaches along with many places where windsurfing is possible. You should try the locally produced Greek wine and choose one of the many lovely boutique hotels to stay on this island.

8. Foça, İzmir

Located on the shore of the Aegean Sea in the province of Izmir, Foça will fascinate its visitors with its so-called “stone mansions”, old houses build by the former Greek population of the town. Foça offers many bars, restaurants, cafés and fish restaurants, but you can also take part of day trips with boats or visit one of the many small coves offering startingly clear and clean water.

 9. Avşa, Balıkesir

Being one of the best-loved holiday centres of the Turkish upper middle class in the 70ies, Avşa has been more or less forgotten in recent years – which is a pity, since Avşa does not only offer splendid vistas from its hilltops, wonderful beaches in coves like Tavşanlı Koyu, Çınar Koyu and Yiğitler Koyu, but also a vibrant nightlife. Many small hotels and motels offer good quality along with very modest prices!

10. Akyaka, Muğla

Far off the beaten track Akyaka, a small town in the province of Muğla, offers the bluest sea along with a wonderful subtropical carpet of vegetation. The small river Azmak Çayı with its ice-cold waters is adorned with the typical houses of the region. Many domestic and also foreign tourists discovered Akyaka as a good place for kite-surfing.

11. Assos, Çanakkale

If you visit Assos, you will find that you stay in a place where the famous philosopher Aristoteles once has lived for some years. Like he certainly did more than two thousand years ago you can enjoy the nice view offered at the island of Lesbos close nearby, or visit the marina and the beautiful Greek-style houses in its vicinity down at the sea-side. The Acropolis of  Assos with its many interesting antique ruins is found near the village of Behramkale about 200 metres up high above sea level.

Photo: Assos, Tempel der Athene, Fremdenverkehrsamt Türkei


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