Many Turkish historic monuments

The city is spreading across the plain surrounded by Karadağ, Kızıldağ and Hamursuz mountains from the foothills of Asar Mountain. The city is in south-western Turkey. It is the centre of the district the same name, as well as of Muğla Province. In ancient times, Muğla was apparently a rather insignificant settlement halfway on the passage between the Carian cities of Idrias to the north and Idyma to the southwest on the coast. In 1080 it was under the control of Seljuk, in 1096 it was controlled by Byzantium, then it was captured by Menteşeoğulları the Anatolian Beylik in 1284, finally it was under the control of in the Ottoman Empire in 1390. Saburhane Square the old part of the city was the quarter where Greek and Turkish were living together during the Ottoman era. After 1924 population exchange between Turkey and Greece, the old houses were restored by the new owners. In the city centre you can see beautiful examples of civil architecture.

There is a bazaar named Arasta built in 1895 and it is 100 meters away from the Governor's Office. It gives the impression that it was frozen at the beginning of the 20th century. Arasta is one of the places to be visited because of the shops of the saddlers, shoemakers, barbers and the hardware shops, also the small traditional restaurants finally the fountain in the square. There are also the shops selling souvenirs and the famous Muğla hand-made textile products woven in silk or cotton.

Ekşili döş dolması unique to the Muğla cuisine and keşkek the essential dish of the weddings are necessarily local flavours to be tasted. After having your meal, please stop by Helvacı Tahsin and taste Tahini Halva and Çıtırmık the sweet.

The historical Clock Tower built in 1895 will catch your eye while going around in the bazaar. The Clock Tower is still working.

Yağcılar Hanı restored and used today is also one of the places to be visited. Again 250 year Konakaltı Hanı is now serving as Konakaltı Cultural Centre.

Kurşunlu Mosque, Pazar Yeri Mosque, Şahidi Mosque, Şeyh Mosque, Ulu Mosque are among the city's major historical buildings.

Photo: By ahmetsedef (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons